DizzyEight is bringing a new light to believers in the music industry”

The Hype Magazine

Short bio

DizzyEight is a Louisiana-native and hip-hop artist. DizzyEight’s sound ranges from rap to rock and trap to pop and R&B. DizzyEight is a rare artist on the rise and ready to shake up the world.
Producing original music from a very young age, Dizzy finally broke through the noise in 2017 after dropping his first big record “I’m Not Okay." Since then he has been making waves on YouTube, dropping original music monthly and featuring on multiple big internet cyphers. After years on the Youtube rap scene, DizzyEight made his official breakthrough in the NerdCore community, with popular hits like “Sharingan,” “Sacrifices”, and “Unruly."
Holding onto his Christian roots, Dizzy integrates his faith, life experience, and ability to connect and empathize with anime characters to create passion-filled music. With a catalog of over 100 tracks, DizzyEight plans to continue dropping bi-weekly, along with his first full solo project since gaining traction that is set to release later this year.

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