Jalon Dante Paul, better known as DizzyEight, is a hip-hop artist from Prairieville, Louisiana. DizzyEight explores multiple genres, creating unique music with sounds ranging from rap to rock and EDM to trap. Not only is he a gifted lyricist and songwriter, but he also sings, allowing him to venture into the world of R&B and Pop music, as well. DizzyEight is a rare artist on the rise and he is ready to shake up the world.

Dizzy has been rapping since age 9 and producing since age 11. He started gaining traction on social media after dropping his first big record “I’m Not Okay” in 2017. Since then he has been making waves on YouTube, dropping original music monthly and featuring on multiple big internet cyphers. On many of his early records, DizzyEight was known for mixing his Christian faith into his music. After years on the Youtube rap scene, DizzyEight made his official breakthrough in the NerdCore community. With popular hits like “Sharingan,” “Sacrifices”, and “Unruly”, DizzyEight is humbled to sit among some of the best in modern NerdCore.

As of 2023, DizzyEight is creating some of his best music, melding his passion, his faith, and his love for nerd culture into something unique. Adding to his catalog of over 100 tracks, DizzyEight continues to produce music biweekly with multiple projects in the works for release later this year. To stay up to date on his latest releases, be sure to subscribe to the DizzyEight YouTube channel and follow the artist on Spotify.